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Highest Customer Satisfaction in the Industry

Intacct, an award-winning SaaS (“Software as a Service”) provider, has developed a best-in-class cloud accounting solution to support companies ranging from small, rapidly growing to multi-entity and publicly-traded – a technology solution that Brinker is passionate to resell, implement, and support. Additionally, Brinker’s Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services are based on the on-demand, hosted ecosystem provided by Intacct.

Why Intacct?

Intacct is the award winning cloud financial management and accounting system specifically designed to help small and mid-sized businesses improve company performance and make finance departments more productive and effective. Named by the AICPA as its preferred provider of financial applications, Intacct has helped thousands of companies, from startups to public corporations, improve financial, managerial and operational reporting and analysis, improve lead to cash cycles, shorten days’ sales outstanding, optimize cash management, reduce operating costs and increase business value.

Intacct Products & Applications

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Reduce IT & Operation Costs

We can help by providing real-time access to financial dashboards & critical information.

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Brinker will improve your compliance, transparency and overall risk management.

Boost Your Operations

Our guidance helps remove organizational boundaries and enhance 3rd-party integrations.

Comprehensive Accounting

The Intacct system includes accounting, contract management, revenue recognition, inventory, purchasing, vendor management, financial consolidation and financial reporting applications, all delivered over the Internet via cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Platform

Delivered over the Internet via the Cloud, Intacct dramatically reduces IT and operating costs and delivers a far lower total cost of ownership than client-server financial software.

On-Demand Ecosystem

Designed to work well with other key business applications and pre-integrated with leading applications like Salesforce CRM, Intacct encourages you to select and deploy best of breed applications that match the way you do business.

Running Quickly

Offering low starting costs, fast and easy implementations, and a user interface which ensures faster user adoption, Intacct can help you make a transition quickly and easily.

Uptime Statistics

Dedicated to building and delivering the most secure, most reliable and fastest financial platform available, Intacct is committed to a 99.8% service availability.

Client Satisfaction

Each year more than 95% of Intacct clients renew their subscriptions – voting for Intacct with their wallets.

Trusted Business Advisor

Intacct is the preferred provider of financial applications for the AICPA Trusted Business Advisor Program. This is one more reason you can be confident that we utilize best-in-class cloud-based solution products at our firm.

Buy With Confidence

Focused on complete customer satisfaction, Intacct offers the strongest Service Level Agreement in the industry. Nine out of ten Intacct customers would recommend Intacct to their colleagues because it’s the easiest to use, lowest risk and best value for professional financial management and accounting applications on the market.

Intacct Awards & Recognitions